About BSG

We're a blockchain product innovation company.

Our filed patents address global problems including:

  • smartphone identity theft
  • ineffective data sharing between agencies
  • public distrust of media
  • violence against women
  • lack of global education access
  • global traveler verification insecurity

For our clients in the federal, municipal and commercial sectors, we crack open a multitude of problems and challenges to bring true, innovative thinking and blockchain-based product solutions that make a meaningful, positive, tangible difference.

We see enormous potential for blockchain to make a better world. So we think deeper and work harder to strike the critical balance between technology and humanity. Which is why, in every situation, we always maximize data integrity access. But we never compromise privacy.

Our BSG team is filled with decades of experience in leading edge technology, research, design and security solutions for federal, municipal and commercial entities around the world. 

Exactly how far can blockchain technology grow? Exactly how can blockchain technology make this a better world?

We're going to find out.

We look forward to meeting you.