BSG Leadership

Bringing decades of combined experience, Blocksmith Group’s core leadership comes from a variety of backgrounds, in technology, municipal management, military and nongovernmental sectors, offering diverse problem-solving capabilities to the most complex problems. 

Founder and Chief Technology Innovator, Naquib Hatami, is a visionary engineer, technology innovator, mathematician and electrical engineer with over 24 years of experience in research and development, integration and system design and quality control. His cutting edge approach to developing Machine Translation (MT), Handwriting Optical Character Recognition (HOCR), Degraded Image Enhancement Processor (DIEP™) and UAV detection, tracking and neutralization was rapidly operationalized to give US military and government personnel a critical tool of communications. Naquib has a keen understanding of complex and underdeveloped technologies, resulting in pioneering patents and leading-edge companies.

Chief of Client Services B. Lee Jones is a deeply experienced technologist and mathematician who led groundbreaking work catapulting municipal services into the computer age. Lee has won numerous awards for his work developing revolutionary methods for using technology to improve city capabilities and efficiencies, reducing the costs to taxpayers while improving services. Based in Silicon Valley, Lee can converse in more than 20 languages and continues to enhance both the commercial and academic sectors with his experience and vision. 

Chief Executive Officer Doug Brooks founded and led the main trade association representing the stability operations industry, the International Stability Operations Association (ISOA). ISOA represents companies providing vital services on behalf of the international community in conflict, post-conflict and disaster relief services. His efforts developing partnerships with governments, academics, non-governmental and humanitarian organizations materially contributed to the development of international codes of conduct and standards for the industry.

Chief Business/Brand Visionary Paul MacFarlane is a business and brand strategist with experience working with the global Fortune 500. Paul is an award-winning strategist, writer, designer, public speaker and more, with a keen passion for world culture, technology and positive social movements. His highest value lies in manifesting that one, simple, irresistible straegic creative idea that builds sales, scale and growth, creates social cultural enthusiasm and changes the world for the better, inside a business and rippling outward to the world.

Chief Business Strategist Jonas Bergvall is an international business consultant who helps ambitious businesses and brands to find and refine a meaningful position within their specific context. With a combination of business, communication and culture expertise Jonas has a master capacity to connect deep understanding of organizational world views and market insights with down-to-earth and creative strategy approaches. His experience ranges from B2B, consumer brands as well as ethnography and more recently several ventures in the blockchain space both in his native Sweden as well as internationally.Jonas is author of the book "Capitalism's First Aid kit" along with developing fresh thinking tools for business and brand development such as the Heart, Body & Aura model and the meaningful joint ventures approach "Constellations" for structural growth.